Monday, January 11, 2016

Carousel Horse Mosaic Project

I guess that "some day" has finally arrived. I have wanted to do a mosaic carousel horse, almost as long as I have been doing mosaics. Which at this point is close to twelve years. It has been probably seven years since my friend Jandel and I found this painted pony at an estate sale. I have moved twice since I purchased it.  At first it sat in the corner of the living room, then we moved to a much smaller place and it had a spot on my patio. In this current house it has been tucked away in a corner of the basement by the washer and dryer. Today while putting away all the Christmas decorations I decided to drag it out of that corner. It is finally time to do this project - hurrah!!

I have a mosaic bucket list of sorts particularly for big projects. I have more ideas in my head than I have time to do. Often big projects have to wait behind hundreds of little projects because those are the ones that most people can afford. So they wait sometimes for a very long time but they are not forgotten. 
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Since I have not done much in the way of project postings while I was in Massage School. I will take a moment to give you some background into the mosaic technic that I use. I use what is called the direct method. Basically the glass is glued directly to the form or base.  I use glass nippers to cut or rather nip the glass, they have red handles and are in a photo with some nipped mirror glass. They are the main tool that I use. As you may have already guessed, I work with stained glass. Rather than cutting larger pieces and grinding them to the desired shape as one would for a stained glass window. I nip larger pieces of glass down into small glass tiles. I can nip circles, rectangles, triangles, petals, leaves and various other shapes. These shapes are then glued into place and later grouted.

This carousel horse is a more advanced project and will be a bit challenging because it is not a flat surface. As you can see the surfaces have a fair amount of texture and differing levels. Which make gluing and grouting much more difficult due to the un even surfaces the tiles sometimes have trouble adhering.

Sorry this photo is going the wrong direction.
 Here is a close up of what I accomplished today after cleaning up my work space. I will probably allow it to dry and then do the same portion on the other side of the horse. The reason being so I make sure to use the same glass choices.

I have drawers, jars, and boxes of glass in my basement work space. Some of the glass is in larger sheets and a lot of it is already nipped into smaller shapes. It is easy to loose track of the glass that you used earlier in a project. Since this horse needs to match on both sides I will try to do the same parts on each side before moving on to another area.

Since my primary focus at this time in my life is building my massage practice. (I am located in Spokane Washington if you need a massage therapist. ) This project will take a while for me to complete. I will be posting updates as I go along. On the right side of my blog is a follow by e-mail box - when I update this blog my post will be sent to you.

You can see some of my storage drawers

"And the seasons 

they go 'round and 'round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game."

~ Joni Mitchell

Friday, April 5, 2013

Digital Paintings A-Z Week One

I am participating in the A-Z challenge this year with two of my blogs. A newer one called Spark My Creativity  and it is the 2nd year for A Devotional Mosaic. Last year, 2012, around 1700 people participated in the challenge. The idea is that for 26 days of the month of April your posts go along with each corresponding letter of the alphabet. It generally works out to be Monday- Saturday with Sunday being a day of rest. It is also a kind of blog hop where you try and visit as many other people involved in the challenge and leave them a comment on their post. I've had to learn things like how to leave my signature so people can find me. 
Margot at">A Devotional Mosaic
Margot at">Spark My Creativity

Last year I did not do so well on the visiting part. This year I am trying to get around to meet as many people as possible. The neat thing about it is it helps to build your audience. I pre posted everything for the Spark My Creativity blog, which means I spent a full day creating posts and setting them on timers to post on the correct day. It was a big job, I did it with this blog last year. Here are some of those posts.
A -
B -
C -

With the posts from my devotional blog I created an e-book, heres the link where it is available.

This year in my devotional blog I am trying to also do a digital painting using Sketch Book Pro its a lot like Photoshop but the brush set responds and feels more like actual painting. I also use the Bamboo Tablet put out by Wacom. This is a good way for me to push myself to get better at using it.

The digital paintings are my idea of what the varios biblical characters may have looked like. No one was snapping photos back then. Some days I have more time and manage to get a bit more detailed.
Anyway here are the digital paintings that I have done so far. If you click on the photo or the title it should take you to the actual post. If not use the A Devotional Mosaic link above in the post to get there.

A is for Anna


B is for Bilhah the Concubine

C is for Cozbi - Evil is not always ugly

D is for Deborah - Prophetess, Ruler, Judge, Warrior, and Writer of Songs.

E is for Eunice mother of Timothy

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Balance between Rest and Activity

A Devotional by Margot Cioccio

There is a reason that I prefer to write in the morning. It is now almost ten at night. I had a quick prayer time this morning, worked on paying bills, had a wonderful lunch with a dear friend, went to the doctor. Then I went to the pharmacy and listened to what turned into four hours of speeches given by another friend for a class. So I now know about cat grooming, the advantages of colemack keyboards, and non lethal self defense weapons. Hard to believe that three six minute speeches could turn into a four hour adventure. 

As I sit here trying to sort out my thoughts to find something inspiring to write about my brain feels a bit muddled, might be the cough syrup with codine that I took so I would not cough during the speeches. It has been a very full day for a Monday. 

My highlight today was lunch with my friend Karen in her new home. Seeing the projects she is working on, and hearing about the books she has read and listening to new parts of her memoirs. Spending time with her is like partaking in a feast of deep thoughts and inspiration. Her life is rich and purposeful and has a holy quality that never fails to feed my soul and inspire my spirit. I was her guest on Sunday to attend a the local Bach Festival. We listened to two hours of the Goldberg Variations played brilliantly on piano. The music filled the atmosphere of the huge gothic style cathedral, with stone walls, tapestries, mosaics and exquisite stained glass. I read it took ten years to build. It was beautiful and awe inspiring. I've included a small photo collage of some of the photos I took.

I have spent most of my Christian life in church plants that met in gyms or store fronts or small functional church buildings. They might have had a banner or two but nothing of the timeless and lasting beauty of a cathedral. I can't help but appreciate the broad spectrum of church buildings and even our manner of worship can be very different from one place to the next. I am amazed by the creativity of the Almighty God, King of the Universe who sees all of our expressions of worship and finds delight in them. I hope to some day see the cathedrals in Europe or the Catacombs. I am thrilled that Christianity has been going on for 2000 years and it has a rich history. There is even deeper history that goes back even further in the the Old Testament and the history of Gods dealing with Israel. I look at all of these things and I am reminded that I have only scratched the surface of what there is to know of God, of his people who have gone before me. Isaac Newton said " If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants. 

Hebrews 12:1
"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,"

I look at the photos of the cathedral that I took and I think of the faith of the people who came together to build it. I wonder what legacy or marks my own generation will leave on this world. We have every gadget known to man and we are still are running to catch up. 

I read this quote while waiting at the doctors office today. "Our culture invariably supposes that action and accomplishment are better than rest, that doing something - anything  - is better than doing nothing. Because of our desire to succeed, to meet these ever-growing expectations  we do not rest. Because we do not rest, we lose our way. We miss the compass points that would show us where to go, we bypass the nourishment that would give us succor.  We miss the quiet that would give us wisdom. We miss the joy and love born of effortless delight. Poisoned by this hypnotic belief that good things come only through unceasing determination and tireless effort, we can never truly rests. And for the want of rest, our lives are in danger. "Sabbath Rest - Restoring the sacred rhythm of rest by Wayne Muller

There is a balance to be found between rest and action. I am reminded again for the need to feed my soul and spirit in the beauty of nature, of art, music, in solitude, quiet contemplation and rest. I think that I am continually learning to find this balance. People often ask how I find the time and inspiration for the things I write or create. It is the overflow of a daily quiet time. It is found in taking time to rest and to allow the Lord to fill me again and again. 

Even so I have only scratched the surface. I have so much to learn of solitude, silence and rest. So much to learn in the treasury of His Word and in the stories of those who have gone before me. I find wonder in His story written through the ages. Today was full but it was a good full not a stressed busyness. I could see the Lord ordering it for me. I am tired at this point but thankful for the gift of this day. 

I suppose I hope as you are reading these posts that God is stirring up a greater hunger for his word. A greater hunger to see his hand through the ages. A greater desire to spend daily quiet times with Him. That you are stepping out to express His praise and honor in your life in creative ways. 

Well I am calling it a night, this may be the latest I have posted - I will be back writing again in a few short hours. 

Lord, come and refresh and renew us. Help us to find the balance between rest and activity. Help us to be led by your Sprit. Thank you that you promise to lead us beside still waters and to restore our souls. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Transitions Prayer Loft Time Line

Generally I do these time lines just in my head. I have a pretty good idea of how I will need to space out time to work on a project to get it done by a dead line. I however am facilitating a bunch of other artist and helpers for this prayer loft project. I also agreed to be in charge of making the Good Friday Service happen. Both of these projects have dead lines that kind of over lap. Both involve a number of other people. So to play well with others - one must communicate their ideas and expectations clearly.

My Painting so far and the mock up
Anyway part of the purpose of this blog is to help others to understand my methods and how I think about projects. I know that Monday, Friday and Saturday's are the days that I have big blocks of time that I can work on things. So my time line is more about things that I have other people helping with. My own time line for my painting part of the project is pretty much in my head.

My painting idea is that Jesus helps us to take off the mask that covers and hides our brokenness and shame.

So here's my time line so far - I have it on a sticky on my computer. When dates are past I move them up to the done section. I can easily move things to other dates if needed. I will add other things to my sticky time line list as I think of them. I do my mock ups using bits and pieces of 6-10 photographs that I meld together into my idea using photo shop. My final project will be similar to the mock up but not necessarily a photo realism likeness.

Transitions Prayer Loft and Good Friday Service Time Line
(This is a work in progress and only the deadlines are set in stone. )

Needed: • Someone who sews well to make prayer vestment
                      • Butterfly Helpers
                      • Strike Helpers 
                      • Set Up Helpers

Art: Nicki Lima, Lisa Johnson, Taylor Blake, Margot Cioccio
Butterflies: Natalie Sidles, 
Kneeling Bench: Clayton
2 Prayer Stoles:
Strike Helpers:
Set Up Helpers: 

Not a very good photo of the butterflies. The range between 1inch and 7inches. 

Done / Past
Sun March 10 - Transitions Prayer loft started to come together in my mind after a providential discussion  with Taylor about her art masks 
Tues March 12th - Talked to Rob in staff meeting about Transitions Prayer loft ideas and created prayer loft overview and e-mailed potential artists. Found Prayers for Masks. Clayton asked to crate kneeling bench. 
Sun Feb 17th Gave Canvas to Artists. Talked to Taylor and Caleb about helping with Good Friday

To Do 
Monday Feb 18 - crate and post time line
Decide on Good Friday General Theme & Songs 
Needed: Someone who sews well to make prayer vestment - posted to church facebook page. 
Tuesday Feb 19th - order butterflies from Oriental Trader - Possibly go to Hobby Lobby for supplies
Wednesday 20th  - My Music Lessons 
Thursday 21 (Work at Church) Drive to Mom's 
FRIDAY Feb 22 - AWAY AT Funeral for Mary
Saturday 23 - 
Sun Feb 24th 
Mon 25th 
Tues 26th - Work at church 
Wed 27th - Music Lessons
Thu 28 - Work at church
Fri  March 1
Sat March 2
Sun March 3rd Recruit people to do butterflies. *Need to have attachable verses for small butterflies.  
Sun March 10th
Mon March 11  
Tue March 12 - Work at Church - Hobby Lobby for final supplies.
Wed March 13 My Music Lessons 
Thu  March 14 Work at Church 
Fri March 15
Sat March 16 
Sun March 17th Take down prayer loft  All Art and projects are due from various artists and helpers. 
Mon 18
Tue19 - Work at church - Helpers can come
Wed 20 My Music Lessons - 
Thu 21 - Work at church Helpers can come -
               Possible Good Friday Rehearsal to work on music possibilities. 
Fri 22
Sat 23 
Sun March 24th Prayer Loft Ready
Monday 25th
Tues 26th -Work at church
Wed 27th My music lessons 
Thr March 28 - Work at church,  Good Friday Run through Rehearsal 
Fri March 29th Good Friday Services 
Sun March 31 Easter

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My First Margot's Project Pages E-Book

I am excited to announce my very first e-book is now available for sale on-line. Just click on any of the these photos to be taken to that secure site.
The easy to use paypal shopping interface will make purchasing your copy a breeze.

This e-book by Margot Cioccio features 12 beautiful full color page with step by step instructions to guide you through the process of collecting your supplies, nipping and gluing glass. Grouting and finishing your project. It includes over 50 color photos to give you great visuals to guide through your mosaic project.  All the supplies and tools are available at Hobby Lobby but others sources are also given.  Allow 3-6 hours for completing this project.
A look at one of the instruction pages

The Supplies List

Pink and Blue Mosaic Heart

Source: via Margot on Pinterest

I just finished this project and have listed it in my online shop.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Costa Rica Birds Challenge

Costa Rica Birds - Challenge Project by Margot Cioccio 

 This is my latest painting called Costa Rica Birds. It was inspired by a online challenge put on by I've turned in my challenge submission and it should eventually post at

 It measures 9.5 by 12.5 and has been done on wood using acrylic paints.  I will be listing it for sale on at my artfire site in the mean time I have created a variety of fun items using this image that you will find below.