Monday, February 18, 2013

Transitions Prayer Loft Time Line

Generally I do these time lines just in my head. I have a pretty good idea of how I will need to space out time to work on a project to get it done by a dead line. I however am facilitating a bunch of other artist and helpers for this prayer loft project. I also agreed to be in charge of making the Good Friday Service happen. Both of these projects have dead lines that kind of over lap. Both involve a number of other people. So to play well with others - one must communicate their ideas and expectations clearly.

My Painting so far and the mock up
Anyway part of the purpose of this blog is to help others to understand my methods and how I think about projects. I know that Monday, Friday and Saturday's are the days that I have big blocks of time that I can work on things. So my time line is more about things that I have other people helping with. My own time line for my painting part of the project is pretty much in my head.

My painting idea is that Jesus helps us to take off the mask that covers and hides our brokenness and shame.

So here's my time line so far - I have it on a sticky on my computer. When dates are past I move them up to the done section. I can easily move things to other dates if needed. I will add other things to my sticky time line list as I think of them. I do my mock ups using bits and pieces of 6-10 photographs that I meld together into my idea using photo shop. My final project will be similar to the mock up but not necessarily a photo realism likeness.

Transitions Prayer Loft and Good Friday Service Time Line
(This is a work in progress and only the deadlines are set in stone. )

Needed: • Someone who sews well to make prayer vestment
                      • Butterfly Helpers
                      • Strike Helpers 
                      • Set Up Helpers

Art: Nicki Lima, Lisa Johnson, Taylor Blake, Margot Cioccio
Butterflies: Natalie Sidles, 
Kneeling Bench: Clayton
2 Prayer Stoles:
Strike Helpers:
Set Up Helpers: 

Not a very good photo of the butterflies. The range between 1inch and 7inches. 

Done / Past
Sun March 10 - Transitions Prayer loft started to come together in my mind after a providential discussion  with Taylor about her art masks 
Tues March 12th - Talked to Rob in staff meeting about Transitions Prayer loft ideas and created prayer loft overview and e-mailed potential artists. Found Prayers for Masks. Clayton asked to crate kneeling bench. 
Sun Feb 17th Gave Canvas to Artists. Talked to Taylor and Caleb about helping with Good Friday

To Do 
Monday Feb 18 - crate and post time line
Decide on Good Friday General Theme & Songs 
Needed: Someone who sews well to make prayer vestment - posted to church facebook page. 
Tuesday Feb 19th - order butterflies from Oriental Trader - Possibly go to Hobby Lobby for supplies
Wednesday 20th  - My Music Lessons 
Thursday 21 (Work at Church) Drive to Mom's 
FRIDAY Feb 22 - AWAY AT Funeral for Mary
Saturday 23 - 
Sun Feb 24th 
Mon 25th 
Tues 26th - Work at church 
Wed 27th - Music Lessons
Thu 28 - Work at church
Fri  March 1
Sat March 2
Sun March 3rd Recruit people to do butterflies. *Need to have attachable verses for small butterflies.  
Sun March 10th
Mon March 11  
Tue March 12 - Work at Church - Hobby Lobby for final supplies.
Wed March 13 My Music Lessons 
Thu  March 14 Work at Church 
Fri March 15
Sat March 16 
Sun March 17th Take down prayer loft  All Art and projects are due from various artists and helpers. 
Mon 18
Tue19 - Work at church - Helpers can come
Wed 20 My Music Lessons - 
Thu 21 - Work at church Helpers can come -
               Possible Good Friday Rehearsal to work on music possibilities. 
Fri 22
Sat 23 
Sun March 24th Prayer Loft Ready
Monday 25th
Tues 26th -Work at church
Wed 27th My music lessons 
Thr March 28 - Work at church,  Good Friday Run through Rehearsal 
Fri March 29th Good Friday Services 
Sun March 31 Easter

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