Friday, April 5, 2013

Digital Paintings A-Z Week One

I am participating in the A-Z challenge this year with two of my blogs. A newer one called Spark My Creativity  and it is the 2nd year for A Devotional Mosaic. Last year, 2012, around 1700 people participated in the challenge. The idea is that for 26 days of the month of April your posts go along with each corresponding letter of the alphabet. It generally works out to be Monday- Saturday with Sunday being a day of rest. It is also a kind of blog hop where you try and visit as many other people involved in the challenge and leave them a comment on their post. I've had to learn things like how to leave my signature so people can find me. 
Margot at">A Devotional Mosaic
Margot at">Spark My Creativity

Last year I did not do so well on the visiting part. This year I am trying to get around to meet as many people as possible. The neat thing about it is it helps to build your audience. I pre posted everything for the Spark My Creativity blog, which means I spent a full day creating posts and setting them on timers to post on the correct day. It was a big job, I did it with this blog last year. Here are some of those posts.
A -
B -
C -

With the posts from my devotional blog I created an e-book, heres the link where it is available.

This year in my devotional blog I am trying to also do a digital painting using Sketch Book Pro its a lot like Photoshop but the brush set responds and feels more like actual painting. I also use the Bamboo Tablet put out by Wacom. This is a good way for me to push myself to get better at using it.

The digital paintings are my idea of what the varios biblical characters may have looked like. No one was snapping photos back then. Some days I have more time and manage to get a bit more detailed.
Anyway here are the digital paintings that I have done so far. If you click on the photo or the title it should take you to the actual post. If not use the A Devotional Mosaic link above in the post to get there.

A is for Anna


B is for Bilhah the Concubine

C is for Cozbi - Evil is not always ugly

D is for Deborah - Prophetess, Ruler, Judge, Warrior, and Writer of Songs.

E is for Eunice mother of Timothy

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