Monday, May 3, 2010

Emily's Rocking Horse

This is the rocking horse I have made as a gift for my sisters graduation from veterinary school.
I have done a similar design of waving wheat on each side and then painted the horse body a gloss rich brown and the rocker rails gloss black. The mosaic parts have been grouted with back glitter grout, and high gloss glazed. For finishing touches I added the tan curtain tie reigns complete with little dragon fly charms.
At this point the only thing I might add is a metal plate on the rocker engraved with my sisters name and graduation date. I found this horse at a thrift store it originally had pink rails and the horse was white and had a pink heart on its back hip. This horse has gone from ho hum to high class.

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jelly andrews said...

It looks great. I think you really did a good job in transforming it from the plain rocking horse into something elegant. I bet, your sister will surely appreciate this gift.