Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Variety of 2011 Color Predictions

I was wondering about what this years colors might be. So I got off on a bit of a rabbit trail searching the web to see what the color experts were predicting. I pulled together the sheet to the left with the colors I found at various sites. I did include the sources so you can go directly to them and gain more wisdom from their pages.  I put the page together more for my own benefit to use with my photo shop color picker when designing cards or choosing glass for projects in 2011. It seems that the experts are pretty much in agreement about the color trends. It seems to me that the colors across the board are bold but a wee bit muted. I do like the beautiful bright Pantone 2011 color called Honeysuckle.  I think I can have fun using some of these colors during 2011.

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