Friday, February 1, 2008

Marble Game Board - Dragon Fly Revenge

This is my first game board, I like to call this one Dragon Fly Revenge. My children had played this game during the summer. They had simply called it "The Marble Game" As I researced it on line it seems that it is actually a game called Wahoo that had a number of popular spin offs through the years. Some of the more popular names are Aggrevation, Parcheesi, Sorry.

We have it sitting on our coffee table and everyone loves playing a quick game. So this is the game that got me started making game boards. One game has led to another and another. My youngest son has a great love for strategy games and delights in generally beating the rest of us. He also enjoys helping me try out new games and game ideas. We like games with a bit of challenge that play fast so you can play a second game if you want to play longer. I will post some of our other games as they are completed. I have about 12 in various stages of completion.

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