Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marin's Memoral Wall

I recently received an e-mail from Jody Mangue all the way in Costa Rica. She had visited my mosaic site and wrote me a nice note with some questions about a mirror she wants to make. In her letter she shared about the mosaic memorial that was made as a tribute to her daughter Marin who died at the age of 16. The mural was made by Marin's friend Emily Easton. Jody writes in her note to me "In the afternoon when the sun sets, the light hits my house which is a gold and stucco colored and that reflects in the mirrors on the mural, so it is as if the mural lights up, we did not account for that."
Jody's e-mails touched my heart and I wanted to share a bit of it with you. Life is so precious and none of us really knows the length of our days or the number of days we will share with those we love. Marin has a memorial web-site as well
Thank you Jody for writing me and sharing Marin's Memoral Wall.

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